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219 County Route 12
Westtown, NY 10998

(908) 444-6817

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              is not just a business, it is passion, pride and joy all wrapped up in to a pretty little package, or in this case piece of fabulous furniture. It is what happens when you get a designer together with a crafty perfectionist, whom are both passionate about the planet and the future.

Once upon a time this designer & perfectionist were successfully employed by a fortune 500 company, to many this was a blissful situation to be in, but to the designer & perfectionist it felt all wrong. Each wanted their own business, to be able to do what is right for their customers and for the planet.

 One day Mr Designer got to talking with Ms Perfectionist and they both, almost synonymously suggested going in to the sustainable furniture industry. Now to them this was bliss. Wheels started churning, projects were put in to motion and ideas scribbled down on to paper. Massive amount of research and practice filled their days. Thankfully each had their fair share of prior furniture building & designing experience under their belts.

Now we have the opportunity to share with the world a new, greater, more positive and fun way to furnish homes across the country, and to do what is right, for our customers & our planet. We at Blissopia hand choose only the finest vintage, solid wood pieces to bring back to life with love and TLC, reducing waste in our environments & landfills. Each piece is uniquely designed and finished based on its characteristics and the desires of our customers.

“We love what we do”

Our Values

  • Captivate & inspire our customers
  • Support team bliss and greatness
  • Care about our neighborhoods and our planet
  • Be bold, innovative and honorable
  • Seek success and knowledge
  • Be passionate and driven

Our Ingredients

  • Passion.  Passion is what drives us. We wake up every day full of passion to make the world a better place, we love putting smiles on peoples faces and improving the lives of everyone we touch.
  • Love.  We love what we do. We believe loving what you do is a core element of a great life. Life is too precious to spend it doing something you don’t enjoy. Working or playing we are loving every second.
  • Inspiration.  Over 20 years of design experience enables us to transform what inspires us into beautiful pieces that people love.
  • Creativity.  “Form follows emotion” is one of our favorite mantras. We want people to look at our pieces and feel an immediate connection with them.