Disk Swing, Single Rope Tree Swing

Disk Swing, Single Rope Tree Swing

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Sure to bring out the kid in all of us! Great for indoor and outdoor use.

Comes with 10 feet of 5/8" pro-manila rope, additional rope can be ordered for $0.75 a foot. Pro-manila rope has the look of old fashioned manila swing ropes but does not warp, twist or rot, withstanding years of weathering. Pro-manila rope is made of special polypropylene fibers designed to give it a look of real manila rope but will not shrink when wet like manila and does not have a rough texture like manila. Safe for 400 lbs. of weight.

All of our swings are top coated with 4 coats of environmentally friendly yet durable and weather resistant tung oil.

Measures 12" in diameter x 1.5"Thick
Swing pictured is stained in special walnut

All swings are made to order, please allow 10 business days for completion.

Rope Length:
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