Care Tips

At Blissopia we proudly use only water based finishes. We recommend dusting and cleaning regularly to maintain and protect the finish. 

Avoid using harsh commercial cleaners on your furniture. We suggest a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Products like Halloway lemon oil can also be used see to clean and protect the finish. 

  1. Always protect surfaces from heat and water by using coasters and place mats. 
  2. Wipe away liquid spills immediately with a soft cloth. Water may cause white spots if allowed to sit on the finish. 
  3. Never slide or dead objects across your wood furniture.
  4. When moving furniture, always lift the unit. Do not push or drag it to avoid damaging the legs. 
  5. Protect the top from sharp objects such as pens, knives, belt buckles etc.


The Nature of Wood

Wood is a living breathing material, which is truly effected by its environmental humidity and temperature, either from seasonal changes or fluctuations in air conditioning and heating. These changes cause it to adjust itself by expanding and contracting. Wood by nature wants to keep its own moisture in equilibrium to its environment.

At Blissopia we use traditional wood working techniques such as floating tenons on our table breadboards. This allows the wood to comfortably expand and contract throughout the seasons.